• Arimidex  Anastrozol

Arimidex is a trade name coined by the pharmaceutical company the drug called Anastrozole. Majority of bodybuilders prefer taking this drug as it can inhibit the estrogen synthesis (it’s used in the so-called PCT, post cycle therapy). When bodybuilders use anabolic steroids some specific compounds aromatize to estrogen. If the level of estrogen is not restricted by use of Aromatase inhibitor, it may result in high-estrogen side effect and the most common of this symptom is the development of ‘gyno’ or ‘man breasts’. Another lesser known side effect happens due to water retention, giving a bloated look and it can damage a good physique. Internally, if you carry excess water weight around it will strain the lipid of the body across the board. A person may also expect an increase in his blood pressure reading, loss of energy and heart strain. Moreover high estrogen level in man can affect libido adversely.

Arimidex prevents all these above side effects,therefore is so popular among the bodybuilding comunity.

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Arimidex Anastrozol

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